Wyoming State Prison Medium

Wyoming State Prison Medium

7076 Road 55F
Torrington, WY 82240
Phone: 307.532.6600

Wyoming State Prison Medium

Wyoming State Prison Medium opened in 1980 and is located at Torrington Wyoming. It is specifically designed to serve as the primary intake and assessment center for male inmates not sentenced to death. It will serve as a primary education and treatment center for inmates identified as requiring high levels of protective custody, medical, mental health, dental, substance abuse, life skills, cognitive/behavioral, and/or sex offender treatment services.The institution has a housing capacity of 500 for the main facility . v provides educational and vocational training to inmates such as ABE/GED, critical thinking, college classes, workforce development services, parenting, Emotions Anonymous, computer classes and religious services.

Wyoming State Prison Medium Inmate Calls

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Inmate Call Solutions also known as ICS contracts for inmate telephone services at Wyoming medium correctional institution and provides prison telephone call services at all Wyoming state prisons run by the Wyoming Department of Corrections. The current cost of 15 minute in state prison calling using ICS is $3.72, with an Out of State Inmate Call Solutions call costing $3.15

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  • 15 Minute In-State Call Using ICS…………….$3.72
  • 15 Minute Out-State Call Using ICS…………..$3.15
  • Any 15 Minute Call Using ICS and Pacific….$2.00

By using Pacific Telephone Company’s Wyoming Cheap Prison Calls routing service along with ICS, you can legally cut the cost of Wyoming Prison Calls to $2.00 for In-State-Calls or Out-of-State-Calls from Wyoming State Prison Medium with a substantial savings of $1.70 to $3.05 per 15 minute call over the current ICS rates. Contact Pacific Telephone Company today at 866.966.8655, and learn how to start saving on prison calls from the Wyoming State Prison Medium .

Wyoming State Prison Medium Facility Visiting

Visitation to be Scheduled at Least Three (3) Days per Week. Each institution shall offer privileged visiting at least three (3) days per week.Visitation is between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

At Least Sixteen (16) Hours of Visitation per Institution per Week Required, With Access to at Least Two (2) Visiting Periods per Week for Each General Population Inmate. Each institution shall offer visiting a total of at least sixteen (16) hours per week, with visitation offered at least two (2) times per week to each general population housing unit. Visiting days may be divided into separate one (1) hour, two (2) hour, three (3) hour, or four (4) hour blocks and may be assigned by inmate custody, work or programming assignment, or housing designation to facilitate compliance with this policy.

Visiting staff will assign visiting locations within the visiting area that are appropriate for the size and make-up of the group, in conjunction with space availability.

Pacific Telephone Company is not affiliated with ICS, or the Wyoming Department of Corrections, but is able to legally per the FCC cut the cost of inmates calls from the Wyoming State Prison Medium.